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Lisa Rogers


Ballet has always been my passion, this training combined with the skills learned while working as a physiotherapist’s assistant, both in a hospital and a centre for adults and children with cerebral palsy, fed my fascination and love for the workings of the human form.

Discovering pilates was a revelation, here was a training that would combine the skills I already possessed with an ethos and rigour that I love. After gaining my Pilates POWMAK teaching qualification it was with great delight that Abs Salut Pilates was born. I am very excited to be introducing this form of fitness to this area of the South Hams. Pilates is suitable for everyone, young and old, fit or injured, and those with disabilities. It facilitates both mental and physical challenges in a safe, stimulating, holistic environment, encouraging a better understanding of healthy movement patterns which, when used routinely, lead to a stronger healthier body.

Come and see for yourself, I would love to meet you!

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