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Abs Salut Pilates

About Abs-Salut Pilates

How We Got Here

Following a dream of one day becoming a pilates instructor Lisa completed 18 months of intensive training with Powmak, achieving an instructor Level 3 mat and reformer/apparatus qualification. In 2015, Abs Salut Pilates was founded and Lisa opened her first studio.

She started small, however, it soon became apparent a larger space was required to accommodate a growing clientele. In December 2019, Abs-Salut Pilates opened a purpose built, individually designed studio on the outskirts of the beautiful villages of Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo in the South Hams. The Studio is wonderfully spacious allowing for easy movement, it is filled with natural light providing a calming ambience. It is equipped with two classical reformers, a ladder barrel, an EXO chair and various other apparatus to support Lisa's teaching.

There is easy parking as well as disabled access.

The classes are planned to meet individual client requirements with achievable goals established. Long term progress is maintained by promoting the pilates ethos and passing on knowledge and understanding to the client.

If you are curious to know more please get in touch.


"Pilates trains all bodies, bodies that are vulnerable, those that are exceptional and everyone in between"

Joseph Pilates

Child's Pose

Contact Me

Send me an email regarding your choice of class. My goal is to offer classes and programs that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Please don't hesitate getting in touch.

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